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Hello Newgounds

2009-09-01 20:27:27 by Phlashtastix

I have been lurking around NG for a while now and finally decided to get involved. I would love to do some voice acting as it has always been a passion of mine. Making weird vocalizations. I have produced my first piece for the " talk like a pirate day competition. And as soon as I clear the approval I hope you can check it out. Wish me luck.


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2009-09-01 20:29:06

Hope that goes well for you ^_^ I wish to do some voice acting too, but for some reason I cannot submit anything to the audio portal because of the file type required. How do I get audio recorded in the file type NG wants?

Phlashtastix responds:

I used "Audasity" It's a free downloadable mp3 recorder. You'll also need this in order to export to mp3 elp/faq?s=install&item=lame-mp3 hope that helps


2009-09-01 20:44:18

Hey, uhh? Can you make some sort of, ..., voice system for animators like me? You know? I dont know if you can but! IT IS RELLY RELLY HARD TO FIND GOOD VOICES WHERE I LIVE!!!!!! Soo making some sort of voice mashene where you type the lines and what you would do is make tons of different voices for it! BY GOD I NEED SOMETING LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!! But if you cant, or don't know how to.... I understand. But idea would be something fun for you to do! And relly help people like me, ...!

Phlashtastix responds:

Lol Check out a Clock Crew flash. Thay do exactly that all the time.